CleanFlight failsafe in operation.

Test CleanFlight 1.12.0 Failsafe-RTH and Failsafe-Land.

Mar 24, 2016 Test failsave stage#1 (Channel Fallback Setting) and stage#2 (Failsafe Landing) of firmware CleanFlight (F3 32bit) version 1.12.0, channel fallback setting to do failsafe-RTH
Dead Cat Pro / SP Racing F3 / GPS U-Blox Neo-M8N
Set Throttle = Hold , for hold throttle while failsafe stage#1 activate.
Set AUX1 = set 1950 , for AUX1 ON to activate BARO and RTH

Test CleanFlight 1.12.0 failsafe-RTH then land. bu use this failsafe stage#1 and stage#2 setting.

on this video, you will see that cleanflight 1.12.0 can do failsafe-RTH but don’t have RTH-altitude setting.
and it can do failsafe-land but so poor, because of it use throttle-land setting that hard to set for good landing.
I think, for cleanflight 1.12.0 I will use only failsafe stage#1 to do failsafe-RTH and let it position hold at launch point. that will better than let stage#2 do poor failsafe landing.

Test CleanFlight INAV 1.0.1 failsafe, failsafe-RTH failsafe-land.
CleanFlight INAV 1.0.1 it do failsafe-RTH and failsafe-land better than CleanFlight 1.12.0 so much.
we can set RTH-altitude, Landing speed in mm/sec. So it can flying to home in safe altitude and can do soft landing.
Mar 26, 2016 This short video, it record my first success with using CleanFlight INAV 1.0.1 to do Failsafe-RTH and Failsafe-Landing with very soft landing

in configurator > failsafe …
channel fallback setting > Throttle = Hold , Roll/pitch/yaw = Auto, aux1..aux8 = Hold
failsafe stage 2 enabled
in CLI …
failsafe_procedure = RTH
nav_rth_alt_mode = FIXED
nav_rth_altitude = 1500
nav_landing_speed = 200
nav_emerg_landing_speed = 500

CleanFlight – Failsafe RTH Land

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2 thoughts on “CleanFlight – Failsafe RTH Land

  1. thanks for greate videos Sir..
    could you mind to share me how to you tuned the PID…?
    and the picts oof your modes…?


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